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Amazon's 2020 Top 10?

Here's a list of 10 Gifts my elves think will make Amazon's Top 100 Toy List for the 2020 Christmas Season. Every year Santa’s elves are out and about getting the scoop on which toys and games will be the most popular for the upcoming Christmas season. This year is no exception —  here are ten toys and gadgets we’ve been told are going to be extra Caliente this year.

Santa’s elvish insiders have assured me that the assortment below will most likely be on Amazon's Top Holiday Toys list for 2020. In case you're not familiar with Amazon's Top Holiday Toys page, each year, the site selects 100 top toys for children of all ages that it predicts will be flying off the shelves come December. Amazon usually releases its list early so parents can get their hands on the items they want ASAP. Of course, there are hundreds of great new items coming out this year. I’m so excited that I couldn’t wait for the official release to drop, we've rounded up ten of the best toys recommended by my in house our toy experts that we think will definitely make Amazon's list this year. We've selected gifts for a variety of children from 18 months to 8+ years old.

Please remember that Santa isn't responsible for pricing variations -- they were accurate at the time of posting.

Enjoy. And please consider sharing your own suggestions as well in the comments.

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