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Christmas Craft Idea

Santa often hears from parents who’re scrambling around trying to get inexpensive ideas for their children to hand out to their school classmates, or to pass out as gifts at their home Christmas parties. I happened to mention this to Carley, my elf in charge of R&D, and she immediately began working on some ideas, which I thought I’d share with you for FREE, here on Simply follow this link or navigate to SantaAz's Download section, and have some fun.

Curley went to the department store and found three (3) packs of kids gloves for under $3.00/ea. (You could also go to a craft store around Christmastime and by small felt craft hats.) She also bought a candy bar for each. Then she created a few Snowman templates, in both black and white and color. Curley says that it should only take less than a minute to color each one if you choose to use the black and white version.

Simply print out the version you wish to use, then cut along the dotted lines, color, if necessary, and wrap one around each candy bar, securing with a piece of clear tape. If you wish, you can write a short note on the back to each child. Then, use the gloves as a hat, securing it to the candy bar with a piece of ribbon; and that’s it, easy-peasy.

Santa sure was impressed.

If you enjoyed this project, please consider, leaving SantaAz a message in the “Letters to Santa” section of this website. Also, be sure to mention Curley, she always appreciates such kind gestures. The more she feels appreciated the more fee ideas we’ll be able to pass along.

Prayers and blessings for a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season.

Merry Christmas from the crew here at SantaAz.

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