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DIY Foodies

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Hi, this is Crystal, Santa's elf in charge of new projects. Did you know that Santa has been a Foodie for decades. He's cooked all around the world -- on four continents, and enjoys culinary diversity. From American to Mediterranean cuisine, and Asian to Mexican foods; he's cooked them all.

O ne Idea Of Santa’s is to take a virtual culinary cruise, where he presents a few episodes from one international port then moves onto another. One week Santa could be in Mexico learning to make tortillas and salsa from scratch, the next, in Cuba for some Cubano sandwiches, then across the gulf to New Orleans for some Creole cuisine? What do you think About that format?

If he gets enough interest, Santa 365 will soon be expanding his YouTube channel to include more "In the Kitchen With Santa" segments. But the question is -- considering all the options, what do you, his audience wish to see and learn?

He's definitely going to be keeping it simple, and family friendly. Please respond in the comments what types of foods you'd like Santa to present?

Be sure to click through the slide show below to view some of Santa's food creations, then comment below and let him know which food pics were your favorites.

In the Kitchen With Santa -- Installment #1 "Sourdough Starter"

Santa's Gift Shop

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