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Join Santa For Storytime and WIN

It seems like the longer this Covid-crud keeps going on, the more that both parents and kids are hungry for something different to do -- a diversion. Sitting around at the North Poll isn't much different.

Santa has been reading stories to his elves for centuries. Now, all of a sudden a lightbulb comes on and Santa has an Idea! Why not combine modern technology, along with Santa's love of lore, and bring storytime to girls and boys around the world?

So, Santa's Director of IT did some brainstorming, hooked up some untra-broadband connectivity, along with some Christmas magic, of course, and, Santa is now taking reservations for Storytime. The good news is that, depending on how it goes, this could become a weekly event. Even better news -- during each Storytime Event one or two well behaved children may be picked to win a FREE T-Shirt.

The First story will be a surprise, the surprise is that we won't be doing Christmas stories until December... Click the "Events" menu above to register, and we'll see you there.

Requirements to win a FREE T-Shirt:

  • be a registered guest

  • be well-behaved

  • be present at end of the Storytime.

1 free T-Shirt will be awarded for every 25 paid attendees. Santa will announce the number of chances to win at the start of storytime.

Also, please remember to tell your friends about these events -- the more the merrier, and the more chances to win.

Can't wait to get a T-Shirt of your own? Visit Santa's Shirt Shop. Santa's elves are busy creating more designs all the time and will be updating the store often. See you at Storytime! Santa

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