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Reindeer Names

Little Reindeer — Santa needs more reindeer names!

Can you help? Rudolph and Clarice could use some help with cute little reindeer names!

Do you know SantaAZs reindeer names?

Of course you do, most everyone does!

You know, there’s Dasher and Dancer & Prancer and Vixen & Comet and Cupid & Donner and Blitzen. And then, of course, there’s most famous reindeer of all!

Well, Rudolph and Clarice just gave me great news! It is about their baby reindeer! (You did know a baby reindeer was coming, right?) That brings us to today’s FABULOUS news! Well, I should start by reminding you that the baby reindeer still have not been born! But SantaAZ just have exciting news! Santa and Mrs. Claus are excited. Mommy and Daddy are excited as well. Everyone, including the elves are just so excited! Are you excited yet?

Big News about Little Reindeer! Clarice and Rudolph just came back from the reindeer doctor with the news. Yes, the doctor says everyone is doing great! However, he also told the expectant parents that there were going to be TWO nwe baby reindeer! That is right! Clarice and Rudolph are expecting twins!

Wow! I thought that Mrs Claus was going to faint!

There is going to be a little girl. And, there is going to be a little boy!

Rudolph was so excited he jumped right over Santa's workshop! I was so excited I danced the jingle bell jig! Then ALL the elves and reindeer joined in dancing a jingle bell jig!

Jumping Jingle Bells!

Now we need even more names!

Do you think you could help? You can still leave Rudolph and Clarice a message (just use the Letters link at the top of the page) with your names for the babies!

I'll keep you updated and let you know any more news as soon as I can!

But I sure do hope the little ones will be born soon! Now I think I better go sit down and have a glass of milk and some of Mrs. Claus's cookies.

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