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Santa 365 Christmas Music Mix

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Watch and Win Santa Designed Graphic Apparel

The rules are really quite simple -- Watch the first music video and look for the "Animated Santa" exiting to the right, copy the time and tell Santa where in the video (time code) you saw the animation in a private comment using the "contact form" at the bottom of this page. The first five with the right answer will WIN a FREE T-Shirt. (Santa must be able to contact an ADULT, parent or guardian via email to confirm winning entries. Answers posted on this BLOG article will be deleted.)

Santa 365 has gathered a bunch (3 Hours total) of eclectic (public domain) Christmas tunes for your holiday enjoyment. This is part one of four. Leave a comment below, Please give Santa a big "Thumbs Up" and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube if you've enjoyed the mix. Oh, I almost forgot ringing the bell is a handy way to get notified whenever Santa 365 uploads a new video! Wow -- Santa really is Santa -- 3-6-5. Santa 365 is a Family-Focused channel. Santa is offering videos for all family members of all ages.

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Santa's Music Mix Part 1 (1 Hour)

Santa's Music Mix Part 2 (1 Hour)