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Santa's Funny Pages

I bet you didn't know, but Santa is known to crack us up, here at the North Pole,

Every once in a while we'll be sharing some of our favorite Santa one-liners -- just to brighten your day...

Did you know that Santa happened to meet Bruce Lee's vegetarian brother the other day? Yes, he did. The guy's name is "Brocco Lee." I know, it took some of us a while to get the kung-fu actor reference too.

Did you know that Santa is a big music fan? His favorite music happens to be WRAP.

Get it, warp music! That one really got us rolling on the floor.

Why is Santa scared of chimney's? Because he's Claus-trophobic.

What nationality is Santa Claus? He's North Polish!

How much does it cost to park Santa's Sleigh?

Nothing. It's on the house.

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