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Virtual Santa Reviews

Hey parents, Santa's been super busy this year, especially with the added responsibility of doing virtual visits. These have been am amazing experience for both myself and the families involved. Here are just a few of the reviews we've received:

  • Loved, loved, loved the experience. The kids were so excited, then Santa came on and they were Starstruck! LOL they couldn’t say a thing! Santa was amazing, he remembered every detail, even mentioned our elf by Full name which was a treat! This is a completely different holiday season and this gave us something to look forward to! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • This was the most amazing experience for our students. They have been quarantined and missed the last week of school/Christmas activities. Having Santa know their names and interests was magical!

  • This was hands down the highlight of our Holiday time. My son, who is four and has always been terrified of Santa, was so much more comfortable with the Zoom call. He was asking Santa questions. We loved it so much we booked another call so my bonus kiddo could join in the fun. Would recommend a million times over!! And grandparents can even join the call to watch!

  • This is so awesome! My son was SO excited when it was Santa on the zoom call. I didn’t tell him who we were video chatting before. It was the best!!

  • Fun way to interact with Santa in 2020 and beyond! Easy to navigate the links and the kids were so excited that Santa knew their names and what they wanted for Christmas. I had a few questions and customer service was quick with responding and very kind! Fun to see such joy added to the holiday season.

  • My 5 year old just watched this and was super excited about how much Santa new!! She keeps telling everyone how she had a zoom call with real Santa!!

  • This experience was worth every penny. I tutor eight children, and all of them were absolutely amazed at how much Santa knew about each and every one of those kids. Yes it is only about five minutes to talk to Santa but it was enough time and the kids loved it. This was the highlight of the party day with the kids. The magic in the room was wonderful. Santa was fantastic with all of the kids and funny. Would definitely book again.

  • This was a fantastic experience! Both of my daughters (4 and 1) absolutely loved it! I highly recommend doing this!

  • We had our Santa call yesterday and it was wonderful! The kids couldn’t believe how much Santa knew about them. He chatted with each child individually and they were so excited. This was a great experience for this year!

  • We just finished our Santa experience. It was freaking magical! Santa was LEGIT and connected so quickly with our 3yr old son, he had him chatting the whole time. Pandemic or not, this is something I can see us doing every year. Thanks for the special memory!

  • This was absolutely amazing! The experience will mesmerize everyone and make all comers believe! Thank you for making it so wonderful!

  • This was such an awesome experience for the kids! We couldn't get out to see Santa this year and I think this was even better. My son was Starstruck and my daughter still can't believe she got to talk to Santa! Thank you for helping to make our holidays so special.

  • If you have kids, do this! It was amazing for my son and daughter! Santa told them he got their letter and read off what they wrote and he knew about special events the kids have had, like my daughter getting a trophy for learning Ode to Joy on the piano and that my son wants to be an actor it's very personalized and amazing! Santa is live chatting with the kids!

  • Omg that was just wow wow wow my kids and nephew and nieces were delighted Santa was so interactive and knew so much about them all my 9 Yr old was stunned she was speechless just wat we needed thank ye so much wat a magical experience.

  • Absolutely Amazing Santa. One of the good things to come out of the COVID mess. We are in the UK and were meant to go to a grotto but decided not to and was worried this might be a sloppy second but no, it was absolutely the best Santa experience we have ever had. He looked the part, sounded the part and our 5 year old loved it. Thank you so much, I hope we can do this again next year. Truly wonderful.

  • Santa was amazing! My kids were so excited. They wanted to call him back LOL All 3 of my kids were in the zoom with Santa and he was wonderful with them. He gave them each their individual time that it felt special. They are 7, 4 & 2.5yo. It was perfect and I almost cried. They couldn’t believe he knew their names and what they wanted for Christmas. It was really special for them during a difficult time. Thank you for this Santa Experience!!!

  • It was great!! Highly recommended. My kids were in awe of Santa and so many things he knew about them. So glad they got that this was only a 5 minute chat but they were amazed. They didn't talk as much as they normally do...(usually they will talk someone's ear off). They were just so mesmerized. Much better than a mall Santa that doesn't even know the kids names. I loved seeing my kids on the edge of their seats and smiling so much.

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